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Wet [Nov. 26th, 2019|11:59 pm]
The rain has been falling with few interruptions or about ten hours now. Sometimes it is fierce, as is the wind, and sometimes gentle, but it rarely ceases even briefly. Thus far the ceiling has not begun to leak, nor has there been any sign of flooding outside. Tomorrow afternoon could bring thunderstorms, but Friday has only a minimal chance of rain. After that, well, it looks wet.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are all very likely to bring rain, and every day after that through December 10 has at least some possibility of rain. It took the season a long time to get here, but it looks like it's going to make up for lost time now. I'm guessing there'll be no more wildfires until next year— at least in the northern part of the state.

The forced confinement is making me a bit edgy. I have fewer at-home distractions here than I had on the ridge— no television, no cats, no view across rooftops to woods and mountains. I did see the orange cat who lives somewhere in the neighborhood, but only for a few minutes, when the neighbor with the two dogs had them out for a brief romp before the rain began. The neighbor tosses a ball and the dogs chase it up the driveway. The cat looked like he wanted to play with the dogs, but the dogs ignored him. After the dogs went back in, the cat vanished.

Later, after the rain began, some birds were engaged in what looked like a territorial battle over a pine tree across the bike trail and up a hundred feet or so toward the freeway. They were too far off to see what species they were, but I suspect corvids of some sort, either small crows or blackbirds. Corvids are quite territorial. They chased each other for a few minutes, until one group flew off leaving the other group to perch loftily in the swaying branches at the top of the tree. They must have been soaked, as it was raining pretty hard by then.

But I didn't hear the mockingbird all day. I can't say I'm surprised. I think mockingbirds like to lay low during inclement weather. I probably won't be hearing much from him over the next few months. I'll be laying low, too, but I do hope to get out on Friday, if only to the Goodwill store's half price sale. I'll be needing more donuts by them too, and another six pack of my favorite beer. I there are dry windows of opportunity tomorrow and/or Thursday I'll try to get out then, too. Being stuck too much indoors makes me cranky.