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Less Is Not Always More [Nov. 26th, 2019|12:09 am]
So I bought a heating pad at CVS. I don't know that I'll be needing it, but it's one of those things it's handy to have around just in case, especially with winter coming on. At the very least I'll be able to use it on my feet when they get freezy, which they sometimes do in cold weather. And if the heating pad is insufficient, I also bought a 1.75 liter bottle of Svedka. Taken internally, that stuff will warm your tootsies right up. Some sort of direct route from stomach to feet, I think.

Of course I also stopped at the Goodwill store, and found some omnibus editions of detective fiction by Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, and Georges Simenon. I was a bit surprised to find three all in one day, but then omnibus editions ore often published by book clubs, and these were probably donated by someone (or the heirs of someone) who belonged to the Mystery Guild or some such outfit. The shelves were pretty much packed today, so the store might have more in the back room waiting for shelf space to open. I probably won't be able to go tomorrow since it will almost certainly be raining by the time I get up, and my days of enjoying a walk in the rain are over. Wednesday and Thursday could bring thunderstorms, so probably not then either. What I'm hoping is that the dismal weather will keep other buyers away from the store too, so there will be plenty of stuff on the shelves for the half price sale on Friday.

One of the things I intended to do today was mail two bills, but I completely forgot about them. Now it looks like I won't be able to get to the mailbox for a few days. I could put them in my own mail box for the carrier to pick up, but My weird mailbox has no flag on it, so I have no idea how to signal that something is waiting. Thanks, incompetent house flippers, for choosing inappropriate mailboxes or your project.

There was sourdough toast and a large artichoke for dinner tonight, which sounds like it might not b enough, and it probably wasn't, so I'm likely to make some ramen soon. It's a good night for ramen, especially spicy ramen. It is very cold out, and the cold manages to seep into the apartment, probably through the un-carpeted floor, so I need something to warm me up. Ramen then, and then vodka. I ought to get some sake cups and some sake though. That would bring back pleasant memories in addition to getting me warm and a bit drunk. Pleasant memories make drinking alone in a cold winter apartment in a backwater mini-metropolis so much less pathetic.