rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Trivia Redux

About a week ago I impulsively bought a package of Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Cocoa Meringues. I'd never had meringues before, so I wasn't sure what I was in for, but it has been... interesting. The package is a bit over half gone now, but I still can't decided if I like them or not. First of all, they are terribly sweet, and I almost always dislike things that are terribly sweet. The meringues are about as sweet as cotton candy, which is essentially just sticky sugar with food coloring in it.

But then they have the most remarkable texture, very hard yet quite crumbly, and the texture changes in interesting ways as you chew. They also have little chunks of chocolate chip in them, but they otherwise have a very slight chocolate flavor that reminds me of Necco wafers, a vanished confection which I liked very much, though most people found them chalky. But every day I eat a couple of these meringues, and keep thinking they are very good and yet quite awful. I don't think I've ever been this conflicted about a food. I'll probably end up buying another package once these are gone.

All I bought today was a few items at Grocery Outlet. There are donuts, of course, and a new jar of Kalamata olives, and some Reese's peanut butter cups— an impulse buy, since they had four-packs for a dollar— and then a package of six chunks of Pita bread, which was marked at $1.49 but turned out to be on sale for .49 cents. Had I known it was that cheap I'd have bought more. I'm sure it would freeze just fine. I don't know if I'll get back over there before the stuff sells out, since it is rather a longer walk than the stores in the Plaza, where I will probably go tomorrow if I don't get a ride to Safeway (which I probably won't, since it is so soon since the last one.)

I didn't get to sleep until around five o'clock Friday morning, most likely as a result of having let myself get overtired. Then the yard guy showed up around nine and started using power tools to trim hedges and blow stuff around (there are no lawns to mow, thank goodness.) I didn't want to get up after so little sleep, so I just used the time until he left to think, and to my surprise found myself thinking quite lucid thoughts about serious things. When I realized that this was happening I had to wonder why I do such things at such times, and then when I sit down to write a journal entry all that comes to my mind is the trivialities of a rather boring daily life. Then the yard guy left and I was able to get back to sleep, and when I woke up around one o'clock I couldn't remember a single thing I had thought about during that half hour or so. I still can't. Why the hell is that?

So Saturday. I'll try to get to the Goodwill store in the afternoon to check on books, just in case there's a good one or two. They are having a half price sale on the 29th, so I'd be inclined to leave stuff on the shelf if they only have things I wouldn't mind missing out on, but if there's something I want badly enough I'll snap it up.

Oh, and rain is now 90% certain on Tuesday, showers 70% on Wednesday. And on Friday (sale day!) there will be a 20% chance of showers, and the high temperature is expected to be only 50 degrees! That's going to be a hoodie day, for sure.

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