rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Trivia, As Usual

Rats, I lost track of the time again, and I didn't even have a nap this evening (although I was nodding of at the computer for a while.) Here it is past midnight, and Friday already. I've had a low grade headache for several hours, but don't want to take ibuprofen or it. That's for more serious pains. I downed an aspirin a while ago, so maybe it will go away soon. In the meantime I'm probably going to shut the computer down soon, since the bright monitor is irritating to look at.

On the way to pick up beer this afternoon I stopped at Goodwill and found one book. It's a Mystery Guild book club edition with three Agatha Christie novels in it. It will be handy for light reading if we get a very wet winter and I get stuck indoors a lot. And the forecast is saying rain is very likely next Tuesday, and showers possible for the subsequent three days, and then for three more days early the following week. I should probably be on the lookout for a rain coat.

Right now I should probably eat something, as I think I forgot dinner. At lest I don't see any dirty dishes, and don't remember washing them, and don't recall eating anything that wasn't cooked, other than some olives and feta cheese, and that certainly doesn't count as dinner. It's probably going to be a ramen bowl, as I'm getting close to sleepy again and need something that's quick to fix. Thank goodness microwave ovens were invented.

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