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After lazing about much of the day I wandered over to Goodwill to check up on the books, and found the stock much depleted. I think sometimes dealers come in and buy up everything on the shelves that they know they can sell at a higher price themselves. But if they did that today then they missed some, since I found one of those big coffee table art books published by Harry Abrams, H. W. Janson's History of Art, 4th edition (1991.) It's 856 pages, hardbound, with many full page color plates, and in good condition. Plus it was senior discount day, so I got it for $2.69.

I also picked up an over-sized paperback called The Encyclopedia of the Cat, also loaded with pictures. but quite a bit thinner at 384 pages. I'll be able to learn all the things I've done wrong with the twenty or so cats I've lived with over my lifetime. A third book is The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, about a murder case in England in 1860, which was investigated by a team of very early Scotland Yard detectives, including James Whicher. I have never heard of either the case or of Whicher, but but the book, by Kate Summerscale, looks fascinating, especially since it involves English people murdering one another. I don't get to see that on television anymore. It will go to the top of my "read next" pile.

The sunset was rather a disappointment tonight. The last couple of nights were pretty good, and Sunday's was quite spectacular. I've been told that it was even more spectacular on the ridge, and much easier to see there than it used to be, now that so many of the trees are gone. Meteor showers will be much easier to see there now, too, not only because of the missing trees. but because there are even fewer lights there than there used to be. I doubt I'll arrange any trips up there to watch them, though, since I'll no longer have a warm house to go into when I get cold.

One thing I didn't get around to today was making a shopping list. Odds are I won't be getting rides to Safeway as often in the future, as my sister is moving back up on the ridge, to Magalia, part of which survived the fire. I'll have to rely more on Trader Joe's and Grocery Outlet, plus the two bus-accessible stores. I might be able to get a nephew to take me to Safeway now and then, but probably not as frequently. I want to check the ad for Save Mart in case they have something worth getting this week. I like to go on Friday, if I can get my act together in time, since they sometimes have a free item available that day. I didn't bother to go last week because they were giving away hummus, which is one of my least favorite things.

There was a burrito from Taco Bell for dinner, so I'm needing a bedtime snack. There's sourdough bread, so I guess I'll make some toast. There's apple butter, too, which goes surprisingly well on sourdough, probably because it's tangy. Too bad it's too late at night for tea. A bit of port perhaps. Then read about English murders for a bit. Perfect for a chilly autumn night.

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