rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Brimstone and Treacle

Tuesday evening's nap lasted about four hours, as had Tuesday morning's sleep, so it's like I've got two half days going each day, one with some light and the other entirely dark. Waking up in the dark is not one of my favorite things. It reminds me of a very difficult time in my life when I completely lost control of my sleep pattern and ended up with days that averaged over 25 hours each. It was depressing as hell, and it took a couple of years to fix it, and I've worried ever since that it might come back some day.

Tuesday itself was not especially good or especially bad, though it did result in me getting some more books. There are two large, profusely illustrated art books, one being an overview of the collection of the Metropolitan in New York, and the other a book called The World of van Goch, which has plates of many of his paintings, as well as of paintings by his contemporaries, and of earlier artists who influenced him. There is also the Larousse World Mythology, a 600-page monster that also has a lot of illustrations, and then there's a hardbound copy of Twain's Roughing It, which is from a Time-Life series called "Classics of the Old West." There were about a dozen other volumes from the series on the shelf, but none of them appealed to me even though at $2.99 each (before the 10% senior discount) they are quite a good deal.

With four heavy books to carry I once again put off the trip to a dollar store to pick up dishwashing liquid, but I did stop at Taco Bell for a burrito. They aren't very good, but they are ready, and only moderately expensive. They always do make me miss the burritos of Los Angeles, though, which were frequently excellent and often quite cheap. But I doubt that Chico will ever match Los Angeles for high quality lowbrow cuisine, so I'll just go on making do with the conveniently located fast foodlike stuff.

It is rather disturbing to me that for the second night in a row I didn't feel like finishing my 12 ounce bottle of beer. There were a couple of ounces left that I threw out. This might be one of the signs of the apocalypse. While I don't recall being a character in the Bible, I do feel old enough to have been one, so I'd advise everyone to take this possibility seriously. If I don't finish my beer tomorrow night, don't be surprised to see fire and brimstone raining down, or demons emerging from your televisions. Though I suppose the latter is not so rare an event anyway.

Oddly, I feel a bit sleepy, though I've only been awake for a couple of hours. Maybe I'm going to get yet another shift in my sleep pattern. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Except maybe getting a really good burrito in Chico.

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