rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Monday Not Funday

Monday got a bit odd. I just putzed around the apartment until late afternoon, when I went to the Goodwill store to check on the books. I did find one, but wasn't feeling very good so I decided not to go to the Dollar Tree to get dish washing soap, which had been my original plan, but just return home. Somehow the short walk turned exhausting, and by the time I got back I was panting and wheezing. Maybe the cold that never really took root is still hanging around in some form, but I ended up periodically coughing for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

But I'm glad I got the book. It is called The Big Book of Twenty-five Houses, which pretty much sums it up. It is a large format paperback with loads of color plates, about 250 pages, featuring 25 modernist houses, most of them in Spain. It was published in Barcelona in 2000, and is a pretty high quality book in pretty good condition. I snapped it up, even though I could have gotten a 10% senior discount on Tuesday, since it wasn't worth twenty cents to risk losing it.

Although it was warm today, the sky seemed faintly overcast. The light can get a bit depressing this time if year, with its low angle, and an overcast makes it more so. But I just spend more time looking at the computer screen, so I don't have to see the dimming light. But then as the sun gets lower in autumn the moon gets higher, and the night thus a bit brighter. I don't know that the brighter nights make up entirely for the dimmer days, but they help a bit.

I've had a low grade headache this evening, and should probably stop looking at the monitor now. I'm squinting, and it isn't helping. And crap, I just noticed that I've lost Internet, which is because I've let the phone/hot spot battery run down again. It takes a couple of hours to recharge, so it will be about that long before I can post this entry, if I'm still awake then, which I probably won't be. How did I not notice the battery was getting low? Just lost track of time again, I guess.

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