rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday Again Already

It looks like the evening naps aren't going to become regular after all. I didn't take one tonight. I did feel tired, but only for about ten minutes, and then I found myself wide awake again. Since then I've actually felt a bit hyper, though I have no idea why. Nothing especially exciting happened today. I did hit the Goodwill store for the first time in a few days, and found two books. One is a short story anthology called Great Cat Tales, featuring 24 stories about cats by a wide range of writers including, Zola, Twain, Colette, Kipling, Damon Runyon, Doris Lessing, and P. G. Wodehouse. I had a couple dozen Wodehouse paperbacks, but I don't recall there being a story about a cat in any of them.

The other book is an anthology of American literature with six novels, Thoreau's Walden, and selected short pieces by Poe. Quite a thick book, and three of the novels I had copies of, along with the Thoreau and most of the Poe, but the other three novels I didn't have. They are all public domain works, and I probably wouldn't have bothered to buy things that are available in free digital form on the Internet had there not been so many of them in the one $2.99 book. Plus the book is nicely printed on thin but high quality paper, and I always like to see a nice bit of printing, that having been the family business for so many years.

I almost got lost in that sentence. My brain is a bit muddled even without having napped a few hours. What else was I going to say> Oh, right, the mockingbird spent most of the afternoon quite close, perhaps in the bush along the fence, though I still haven't actually gotten a good look at him. A few time she has perched on the telephone pole behind the apartment next to mine, but my eyesight has gotten so bad he might a well be a hundred feet away when he's up there.

There's no news about whether I'll be getting a ride to Safeway this week. Once again they don't have much on sale that I need, so it won't be a big deal if I don't go. I do like to get away from the neighborhood once in a while, though. When I had television, and cats, and a big back yard, I didn't mind being stuck in the house so much, but here it can get on my nerves. Maybe that's why I've been fairly hyper this evening. Whatever it was, I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy now. I might have some cocoa and cinnamon toast and then read myself to sleep.

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