rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Go to Town

An evening nap was interrupted by the doorbell, but nobody was there. Or at least they wren't there by the time I got to the door. It took me a while to get half awake and shake off enough of the torpor to function somewhat rationally. But I suspect that it was just the doorbell going off for no reason. That actually happened before, a couple of weeks ago. I went to answer the bell and there was nobody in sight. A short or something, perhaps.

This afternoon (meaning Thursday) I finally got around to taking a bus downtown and checking out the University book store. At least it was the University store. I didn't see a whole lot of books. It was mostly merchandise of other sorts. Perhaps there is another actual bookstore somewhere on the campus, but if so I didn't find it. Anyway, I didn't buy anything, and the bus ride took a long time even though the crow-flight distance is not great. The bus line twisted and turned through lots of narrow, mostly residential streets, and the afternoon traffic in Chico is quite intense, so it took about as long to go to downtown Chico, which can't be much over two miles southwest of here, as it used to take me to go eight miles from an eastern suburb to downtown Los Angeles.

The University campus is a fairly pleasant place, with a combination of old, Romanesque Revival buildings and quite a few more midcentury buildings, and a handful of postmodern things, with lots of trees and some big lawns. Quite a few students were getting around campus on skateboards, but I didn't see any scooters. I was pleased to discover that only a few of the guys were wearing skinny jeans, and I saw only one hipster among the lot of them. Mostly they just looked like college kids, not that different from those I saw in Pasadena in the 1980s.

I didn't spend any time wandering downtown Chico, as I got a rather late start and had only a little over an hours to spend before I needed to catch the last bus that would get me back to my neighborhood while there was still daylight. Had I been earlier I might have bought something out for dinner, as I really didn't feel like cooking anything. Bu I was quite tired after the outing, and soon after nightfall embarked on that nap that was destined to be interrupted by the doorbell.

Since I woke up I've been thinking how it was one year ago tonight, about this time, that I last saw my outdoor cats. I went out to feed them, but didn't do so, since two raccoons were hanging around who would have scared the cats away and gobbled all the food. I intended to go back out later, but fell asleep, so Shorty and Porky didn't get their dinner that night. When I went out back the next morning as the fire approached, they were nowhere to be found. And of course it was also the last time I went to sleep with a pile of cats around me. I no longer expect to find any of them, and though I don't mention them much anymore I miss those little guys every day.

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