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This afternoon I managed to drag myself off to Grocery Outlet for donuts and a couple of cartons of soup, plus a bottle of tea. Later I visited the Goodwill store but found no books I wanted. I'm sue that's just as well, since I have no shelf space to put them on. They do have a rather beat up, three shelf bookcase in their small furniture section, but it's still too expensive, considering what it is. If it's still there in a few days it will be cheaper, and I might be willing to spend ten bucks for it, if I can get someone with a vehicle to haul it back here for me. It's pretty heavy and I don't fancy carrying it all that distance by hand.

The warm days and chilly nights are expected to continue into next week, and though no rain is in the forecast neither is there any strong wind yet predicted. Of course everyone hopes that rain will arrive before the strong wind returns. The big fire in Sonoma County is nearly contained, and probably will be completely under control by Thursday. All the evacuation orders have been lifted, and the towns that had such narrow escapes are being repopulated. It's going to be a relief to have it over and done with.

A fire that broke out in Tehama County Sunday brought some tanker planes back to the Chico airport, this fire being much closer than the other one. It is in an unpopulated area, though far from any towns, and though only about 15% contained has not exploded, thanks to the absence of strong winds. Without wind it is unlikely to develop into a major threat.

Since I never made it to Safeway this week I'll have more money to spend next week, and I hope they have some more interesting sale items than they had this week. It's getting close to Thanksgiving, and there usually are some decent sales for the holiday, including pumpkin pies. Looking forward to having pumpkin pie in November is my main reason for not dying from the summer heat. Thy might have them this week, or I might have to wait until next week, but having come this far I will make every effort to stay alive until they do.

Lately I've been falling asleep after reading for about fifteen minutes. It's making it very difficult to finish any of the books I'm working on. I might have to start reading on the couch in the daytime instead of in bed at might. But I'm very close to finishing one tonight, so I can get started on another. Everything happens so slowly anymore. It makes me feel decidedly older.

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