rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Forget It

So I didn't get to the bus-accessible store today. Had I gotten up about fifteen minutes earlier I might have made it, but it was just a bit too late. I did laundry instead, and then went to buy beer late afternoon. Of course I stopped at the Goodwill store on the way, and found a most enjoyable book. It's Century, the book published by Phaidon Press in 1999, which features many photographs from throughout the 20th century.

It's just about 10 inches square, and about four inches thick— 1120 pages, and on fairly heavy stock so it's quite weighty. It isn't rare, and I see quite a few copies for sale on the Internet for a bit more than twice what I paid for it (which was $2.99) on up, though the shipping costs some sellers ask are killer. All I had to do to get my copy home was risk dislocating my shoulder. That didn't happen, luckily.

Since there are a couple of things on sale this week at the bus-accessible store that I'd really like to get, I might take another stab at going there tomorrow. That can only happen if I sleep better tonight than I did last night. Sleeping well is hit-or-miss these days. It happens about one night out of three, and since last night was bad there's probably a fifty-fifty chance tonight will be okay. One hitch might be that my stomach isn't feeling too good tonight,
which might keep me awake. I'm going to try feeding it something bland and inoffensive before I go to bed.

The winds have died down, and the big fire in Sonoma County is now almost 70% contained. As no more windy days are predicted for the next couple of weeks it appears that the worst case disaster will be avoided. It's still a bit worse in Southern California, despite diminished wind there as well, since a couple of new fires erupted today and grew large rapidly. The fire near the Getty Museum has burned several buildings, including one well-known Midcentury Modern house designed by Craig Ellwood, one of my favorite modernist architects.

There was something else, but I forgot it. That happens a lot now. I usually forget to mention it, though. But at least I remembered to recharge my phone/hot spot tonight, so I won't be up at five o'clock in the morning posting this entry. I can do it now.

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