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Trickless [Nov. 1st, 2019|05:42 am]
It looks like Halloween doesn't happen in Chico any more than it happened in Paradise, or at least not in this neighborhood of Chico. Nobody rang the bell tonight. Of course I have no decorations out, an didn't have a porch light burning, so maybe there were kids going to the other apartments, though I didn't hear any. In any case, it was another non-Halloween for me. There were probably parties somewhere in town, but not around here. Every night here is pretty much like every other night.

I didn't go anywhere at all today, but I'm thinking about going to a bus-accessible store Friday. I will have to pick up more beer before dinner time on Saturday, unless I want to settle for my second favorite. I've only got one bottle of the best stuff left. There were beans for dinner tonight, which I made a couple of days ago, but this batch didn't turn out as well as the previous one did. My cooking is inconsistent. That's one of the reasons I need the best beer. Even if dinner isn't very good, at least the beer will be.

Today I had several bouts of sneezing, and some coughing, and I think it's because of fall. Chico is full of deciduous street trees, and when the leaves begin to pile up in the streets the cars run over them and the leaves break down into a dust that gets into the air and then into my nose and my lungs. This happened in Paradise, too, of course, but there was a lot less traffic up there, so not as much leaf dust got made or kicked up by the car wheels. Every time I went out into the back yard for a few minutes I ended up sneezing and coughing.

And it seems likely that it is the cold which is causing some of my joints to ache. This does tend to happen when it gets chilly, though it seems much worse this year. I'm hoping it doesn't get to the point where i have to start taking
painkillers for it. But perils of aging, I guess. I'm probably lucky it didn't get this bad years ago, though that certainly doesn't make it any easier to accept now. Maybe I should shop around for a heating pad. I used to have one that sometimes helped.

But I do have the electric blanket on the bed. I think I'll go get under it now.

Oops. I went to post this and NO INTERNETS! I had let the phone/hot spot battery zero out again, then I fell asleep while it was recharging, so this is over five hours late. I'm glad it's still dark out, so I can probably get back to sleep after I post.