rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sleepy Dopey Grumpy

Donuts from Grocery Outlet and milk from Trader Joe's were the only things I brought home from my Wednesday afternoon excursion. I was hoping Grocery Outlet would have something novel and interesting in stock, but they seldom do anymore, and today was no exception.

Oh, but not enough sleep again, and I just dropped off for a couple of hours, and woke just in time to avoid losing Internet, as my phone/hot spot was down to a 1% charge. My act is decidedly not together.

It's quite chilly again tonight, though the afternoon was balmy. I'm spending my time putting clothes on and taking them back off then putting them on again through the day as the wild temperature ride progresses. But the wind has finally died down, and progress is being made on containing the fire in Sonoma County. It looks like we won't lose any entire towns, though new fires broke out in Southern Apocalyfornia today. In the north, at least, if we get through the next couple of weeks the fire season might be over, as November 10 is the first of four days in a row predicted to have a 40% chance of rain. I guess we should start getting ready for the winter floods. Los Angeles might still be burning during the Rose Parade.

I'm still dopey from the unintentional nap, and need a snack. I've got plenty of fresh milk now, so maybe it's time to make some hot cocoa and cinnamon toast. Then curl up (insofar as I can curl anymore) with a nice book in which English people murder one another.

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