rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Covetousness Indulged

Three of the four books I've had my eye on at the Goodwill store were still on the shelves today for senior discount day, but there were also two new volumes I liked, so I ended up buying all five, though that put me over the nine bucks I'd expected to spend. But two of them are books I lost to the fire. One is the Random House handbook that is used in first year college English classes, and has a wealth of grammar and usage rules arranged in a very accessible format. This is a more recent edition than the one I had, since I bought mine in 1962, but it is substantially the same. The other replacement was a paperback of Hemingway's A Movable Feast, his memoir of Paris in the 1920s. I had the hardback edition, but I'll take what I can get.

The other three books are large volumes. There is an enormous paperback of Harold Bloom's compilation, The Best Poems of the English Language. It's fairly beat up, but completely readable. The other two books are a hardback collection of all of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. I already bought a book that reproduces much of the Holmes canon as it originally appeared in The Strand magazine, but this pair of volumes is so nice that I don't mind the duplication. While I never had a complete collection of Holmes before the fire, I did have most of the novels and stories in various paperbacks, so I should probably count this purchase as a replacement as well. Anyway, well worth the $5.38 the pair cost me after the senior discount.

The cooler days are very pleasant, though going outside during the cold nights is still a bit shocking. I'm so accustomed to sitting out in the back yard in my shirtsleeves at night that needing a heavy shirt and a hoodie and a jacket and still getting a bit shivery feels strange. I'm sure I'll get used to it, especially once the days get cold as well, so the diurnal range won't be so big.

My young back yard lizard is showing up a few times a day now, though I haven't seen the large one in ages. The mockingbird has been singing most of the afternoon for the last few days, but I haven't heard it at night lately, probably because I'm not going out in the cold very often. The furnace has been coming on a few times a night, and I've stated thinking about making some hot cocoa. Probably not tonight, though, since I'm low on milk. I ought to have gone to Trader Joe's an picked up a half gallon after I finished at the Goodwill store this afternoon, but I was so eager to get back and gloat over my new used books that I totally forgot. But tomorrow is another day, assuming I wake up.

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