rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shopping While California Burns

An unexpected ride to Safeway enlivened an otherwise dull day, and netted a few more bargain items. Sadly, some of them are cookies, which I do not need, but were such a great deal I couldn't resist. I also got some asparagus, and some rice, and a few bananas, but also splurged on some pre-brewed coffee and another frozen pie. So I've been bad, and good, and bad again. So it goes.

Because I got a fairly late start, by the time I got home and put everything away it was too late to go to the Plaza and look at books, so I escaped the danger of spending more money on something I want but don't need. Odds are I'll succumb to the temptation tomorrow, though. It is a bit easier to not buy on Sunday, since it is only two days away from senior discount day, and I'm often willing to risk losing a book if I might get it cheaper a couple of days later. Not if it's something I really want, but so many of the books I buy these days are only things I sort-of want that I might be able to avoid spending anything for a few more days.

The wind has been picking up this evening, and pleasant though it feels and as much as I still enjoy the sound to rustling leaves, the timing couldn't be worse. The fire in Sonoma County has exploded to more than 25,000 acres (about the size of the City of San Francisco) and more evacuations have been ordered, some as far south as Santa Rosa, the regional mini-metropolis which partly burned in 2017. The entire towns of Healdsburg and Windsor (about 36,000 people between them) have already been evacuated, and now evacuation orders have been issued for areas farther south, to total number of people being displaced topping 80,000. On top of that, P&E has shut down power for most of the region, although they were a bit late doing so with one line which apparently started this particular fire.

I'm wondering if the ten billion plus dollars that PG&E has already been required to set aside for compensation to fire victims is going to get spread even thinner now, or if they will be made to cough up more. Ultimately it's all going to come from ratepayers in any case, of course. Heaven forbid that hard-working executives lose any of their multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses (/sarcasm.)

The high wind warning is in effect until 11:00 PM Sunday. About the closest there is to good news is that it's going to be quite a bit cooler starting Sunday, and on Tuesday there should even be some clouds, though no rain is expected from them. Unfortunately, another windstorm, though probably less intense than this one, is also expected to arrive by Tuesday, so the respite will be brief. Although Chico is not in the path of any of the current fires, I'm finding the whole situation exhausting. I've had enough wildfire to last me the rest of my life, however long that might be.

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