rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another Week

As I was feeling just a bit better Friday afternoon I decided at the last minute to take the bus to Save Mart. I got a couple of items I really needed, and a few that I didn't but which will be nice to have, including a jumbo artichoke and some whole grain flour tortillas. Later in the afternoon I went to CVS and bought a six pack of Sierra Nevada stout and a box of Lorna Doone cookies. I'm probably eating too many cookies, but the weather is about to get cooler again, and when it gets cooler I like to have some cookies with my hot tea.

The other weather news is that we are going to get another high wind event on Saturday and Sunday, so many parts of the state will be getting their power turned off again, probably for at least 36 hours. That will include what is left of Paradise, and the somewhat larger number of houses that remain in the surviving parts of Magalia. I ran across some real estate ads from the ridge a few days ago, and there were quite a few houses for sale in Magalia going for about half what they would cost in Chico or Oroville. Quarter acre lots in Paradise are being advertised at around $15,000. The county Assessor tells me that my empty quarter acre lot has been appraised at $30,000, but I'm sure it would never bring that much in the current market.

The mini-metropolis of Chico continues to be flabbergastingly expensive, of course, though people from San Francisco or Los Angeles might consider it a bargain. I certainly couldn't afford to live here if the insurance company wasn't paying my rent, and I don't know how much longer that will continue. I've seen so little of Chico that that my residence might as well be listed as Limbo.

My principal neighbor in Limbo is still the mockingbird, who still spends much of the afternoon nearby, and nests somewhere in the vicinity as well, since I hear him wake up and sing a few notes now and then late at night. I haven't seen my back yard lizard for the last few days. I hope it's okay. It ought to be out sunning itself on the fence on these warm afternoons.

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