rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dull Wednesday

The days get odder. Although I woke up before ten o'clock Wednesday, and would have had plenty of time to go do something such as take a bus to somewhere other than the stores I usually go to, I found that I really had no motivation to do so. It was a combination of lethargy and minor irritants— a low-grade headache, a stiff neck, a tooth that hurts when I bite down on it, a slightly queasy stomach— that seem to be occurring more often these days. I get the feeling that the window of opportunity has closed. Last winter when rain kept me in most of the time I might have been able to go exploring had there been a well-timed dry day. So too last summer when it was too hot to go out. But now that the weather is pleasant and there is nothing in particular to keep me here, I just can't find the motivation. I Feel... old, I guess.

So I waited around until afternoon and walked over to the plaza. There were no new books of interest a the Goodwill store, though several shelves had been cleared as though to make way for a new stock, so maybe they've gotten some new donations that will go up shortly. I stopped at Dollar Tree and found a book there, from the small stock of mostly crappy remainders they have. It is a mystery novel by Roger Zelazny, the science fiction writer, and this is its first publication. Most likely it was something he didn't want published, but his heirs have decided they would like to squeeze a few more bucks out of the estate, and here it is. Had it been any good I'm sure his legions of fans would have snapped it up, and it wouldn't have been remaindered. I bought it anyway, just to see what it's like. I'd love to get hold of some of his other books that I lost in the fire, but so far haven't seen any at the Goodwill store. I'm sure they will turn up eventually, though.

Since I'm down to my last donut I'll have to go to the Grocery Outlet tomorrow, though I don't think they have anything else I really want right now. I should probably go back to the Goodwill store too, to see if they've put anything on those empty shelves. I hope I can sleep reasonably well tonight. I've been having dreams I can almost remember lately, which lave not images lingering in my mind but a feeling of great unease. Since I tend to wake up several times, it adds up to a lot of unease. It's no wonder I don't eel like going out.

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