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After Saturday/Sunday's very weird sleep schedule I managed to get a few hours more sleep Monday morning, and woke up around eleven o'clock. Nothing much happened all day. I had planned to go check the Goodwill store for books late afternoon but lacked the energy. In any case I'd bought three Sunday afternoon, and Tuesday is senior discount day so I decided to put it off for a day.

The three I bought Sunday included two big illustration-heavy paperbacks, Smithsonian's maritime history book Ship, and a slightly smaller volume called The World of King Arthur, which has a lot of medieval stuff, of course. I also got a copy of a college text, The Heath Introduction to Drama, a hefty tome with 18 plays, running from Oedipus Rex to August Wilson's 1985 drama Fences. Several of them are plays I lost copies of in the fire, plus there's a small reproduction of Edward Hopper's painting New York Movie on the cover.

As I had lots of stuff in the larder I made a decent-sized dinner tonight, finishing off the last of the corn and the asparagus, and making a small dent in my surplus of potatoes, all to accompany a bit of ham. Later this week more of the ham will go into a pot of beans, which should be good for at least two meals. But I really need to start using some of the stuff I have in the freezer before I go shopping again. It is stuffed to the door, and I can barely get the ice cube tray out when I need it.

We are heading into another hot spell, though it isn't supposed to get any higher than 88, and the nights will continue to be cool. I might need the air conditioner a couple of times, but probably not for long. Worse news is that it's about to get windy again, and PG&E is planning more outages to reduce the risk of fires. Since I didn't get cut off last time I probably won't this time either, but I'll try to remember to keep the phone charged just in case. Of course there is no rain in sight. There aren't even any clouds in the forecast until a week from Friday, when it will still be mostly sunny. I could hardly wait for hellish summer to be over, now I can hardly wait for this arid fall to turn wet. No more wildfires, please. I don't think I could even stand the smell of one.

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