rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh, after midnight already. How time flies when your disintegrating brain is wandering off on its own. And the day (Friday) started so wellish. I think I actually got enough sleep, and still woke up at a reasonable hour, and then got through the various things I needed to do, and then took the bus to a bus-accessible store, and remembered to buy all the things I'd intended to buy, and then got back to the bus stop in time to get the first bus home, which was only a little bit late, and then I still had energy to walk over to Grocery Outlet a bit later and get the donuts I was out of, plus some frozen stuff that might or might not be very good but was at least very cheap. I would call that a good day in fact, for these days.

After that it began going a bit off the rails. I had planned on going out a third time, to check the books at the Goodwill store, and to pick up a couple of items at one of the dollar stores, and then maybe check the sadly clean carnival again to see if they had more food trucks today. But the latter hope had been dashed when I passed by the carnival on the way to and from Grocery Outlet and saw that there was actually one less food truck there today than there had been the day before. I still could have gone to Goodwill and the dollar store, but found that my energy was flagging, so I ended up not going.

About seven o'clock I had a phone call to make, and as my feet were a bit sore I called from the bed where I could put my feet up, and when the call was satisfactorily completed I leaned back against the pillows and, despite having had enough sleep the previous might, fell asleep and didn't wake up until after ten o'clock. That put me off the rails completely. I've been trying to catch up ever since, but I doubt I ever will. I keep getting distracted.

So, Saturday. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Probably just think a lot of weird stuff and look at Internets, then go get the stuff from the dollar store I didn't get today, then come back here and think more weird stuff and look at more Internets. Turns out life is mostly stuff-related. And I'm still groggy from the unintentional nap. So it goes.

Finishing this, and hour and a half later. Gad!

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