rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Today's outing was only to Grocery Outlet, for a box of the donuts I'll need for breakfast tomorrow. They had nothing else of interest. Had that trip not used up all my energy I might have gone back out to check the books at Goodwill, but I found myself fully exhausted, and by the time I had recovered it was getting too close to nightfall. That's the problem with the shortened days of autumn. I don't know what I'll do once daylight saving time ends. The whole sun heating things up thing is annoying. When the days are long there's too much heat, and when it cools off the days get too short. It wasn't a big problem when I enjoyed going out at night, but I don't like doing that anymore, especially since my decrepit eyes don't see well after dark now, and Chico is not a great place for a pedestrian even in the daytime.

I haven't heard anything about getting a ride to Safeway tomorrow, but it is a possibility. If it doesn't happen no big deal, since Safeway has next to nothing on sale this week that I really want, and anything I really need I can get elsewhere. As for the rest of the week, I hope to get to the Goodwill store Monday for the half price sale. There are a few books I haven't bought at their regular prices that I would be willing to pay half as much for, and there's always the chance that something new that I really want will come in by then. It would be nice if I could get there early in the morning, before everything gets picked over, but that's not very likely to happen. At least its going to be cool enough that I won't have to wait for late evening to go. Early afternoon will do.

The small pot of beans I made last night turned out to be very good again. That's twice in a row. The only problem is that they gave me acid indigestion. That never used to happen, and I have no idea why it did this time. It might be just more age-related deterioration. Quite a few things that never used to bother me do so now, and not only when it comes to digestion. This afternoon as I was returning home I caught a strong whiff of some laundry product on the air, and the perfume was so powerful that I was almost gasping for breath. The fragrances used in certain laundry products, especially fabric conditioners, have always been a bit offensive to me, but I've not had them try to suffocate me until recently. Weird.

The air is okay tonight, though. It is very cool again, and has no odd smells in it. I can put on my hoodie and sit in the darkness, and though there is no longer a cricket to listen too it is very restful, despite the occasional bit of traffic passing on the freeway. I looks like the moon is full, too, or very near it. It's too bad it isn't ark enough in Chico to see the stars. I wonder what Orion is up to? I haven't seen him in such a long time.

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