rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Solidly Booked

Although I didn't feel like going out today I forced myself to go to the Plaza. I keep thinking that if I stay home too much I'll find it much more difficult to go out when I need to, so I went. My intention was to buy a six pack of beer at CVS, but I stopped at the Goodwill store on the way and was rewarded with three books. One is the first volume of Mark Twain's autobiography, and the second is the 12th edition of X. J. Kennedy's textbook for college literature classes.

I lost a copy of an earlier edition of Kennedy in the fire, and didn't expect I'd find another. Looking through it I notice that this edition has all the pieces I remember (so far) that I enjoyed when I took the class in the 1980s, plus a few things that I don't remember being in there, at least some of which were probably added to editions later than mine. I always enjoyed going back over favorite stories and essays in the book, and I'm happy that I'll be able to do that again now.

The third book is a real prize, though. An oversize paperback of about 400 pages, it is called Taoism and the Arts of China, and it has splendid illustrations on more than half of its pages, most of them in color. It was an exhibition catalog published by the Art Institute of Chicago in association with University of California Press, so it's a very high quality edition even though a paperback. The book is actually available free in digital form from The Internet Archive, but I do like having a paper copy of it. I'm especially pleased that I got it for $2.99, while the cheapest used copy available from Amazon is $17.09, plus shipping of $3.99.

But the three books were so large and heavy together that I decided not to go get the beer. It can wait as late as Saturday evening. Instead I stopped by Taco Bell for a burrito so I wouldn't have to cook. A small dinner that early means I'll be getting hungry again before bedtime, but it's a good night for ramen. The nights have been getting quite chilly, and the furnace actually came on a couple of times before sunrise. That's the first time it has run since spring, and it will undoubtedly be running more and more as autumn wears on.

Tomorrow I really should make an effort to get to the bank, but I don't know that I'll have the energy for it. There is some slight chance I'll be able to get a ride, but I'm not counting on it. More likely I'd have to take the bus. At least the weather should be decent for that, if it turns out that I do. But I've begun to feel like I've really earned the senior discount bus fares, and I really wish I hadn't. I'd gladly pay double i I could have the energy I had even a year ago. But of course that can't be helped. Anyway, if I drop dead it's probably better if I do it while I'm out, since if I did it in the apartment it's unlikely my cadaver would be found for several days. And my last thought would probably be about how bad it was of me to be becoming a mess for the nice property managers to deal with.

Well that took a turn. Sorry. I shouldn't be so morose when I have nice new books to read, and spicy hot Asian noodle soup to eat. Not to mention a bottle of Stolichnaya, just in case I want to get really morose.

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