rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Waiting for Dark

The big power outage is scheduled to begin in a little over four hours, and I still haven't found out if this neighborhood will be one of those cut off. There is a map on PG&E's web site, but it isn't sufficiently detailed for me to be able to tell, even when I zoom all the way in. I could have signed up for email and/or text messages about outages, but didn't find out about that until last night, and their web site has been so busy that I've been unable to do it since. On the map I can see that most of Chico west of the freeway is not in the outage zone, but I'm east of the freeway, and quite a bit of that section will be going dark. It's possible that the cutoff in this area is along East Avenue, which means I'd probably be okay, but as I said the detail isn't sufficient for me to be sure.

Anyway, since the outage will last until fairly late Thursday I'd have a major problem. In Paradise I had a gas range I could use to at least heat up soup or make other stove top dishes when the electricity went out, but this apartment is all electric, so I'd be unable to cook anything for about a day an a half. Also my freezer is quite stuffed with stuff, and I have no alternate storage for frozen stuff. I plan to eat a few costly frozen items before four o'clock, just in case, but I still stand to lose at least sixty or seventy dollars worth of food if we do get an outage here. Some of the stuff in the refrigerator section could also get damaged. Obviously I have not planned well.

I forgot to buy bread when I went to Trader Joe's this evening, so I won't even have anything to make a sandwich on. If I lose power I'm going to end up eating crackers with peanut butter (or cheese if I dare to open the refrigerator) until Thursday evening. If I have no power I don't think the stores nearby will have it either, unless they've arranged backup generators, which means I won't be able to just go get some bread tomorrow (or maybe some fruit, which I also forgot.) And Taco Bell and the other fast food places nearby will probably also shut down, so I won't have that option.

It might be that I can use the phone to access LJ (though I don't think I've done that before, and I recall the Internet access with the phone itself rather limited. Maybe I should try charging the laptop, though I haven't had that fired up in several months.) But if I should vanish from the Internets tomorrow, odds are I won't be dead, just technology-free. Odds of dead are probably not much more than the usual 5% or so that apply any day of the week.

Oh, lest I forget by the time I have Internets back (should they go away,) I did make it to the Goodwill store today and did find another book I wanted. It's a small, somewhat rough, hardbound copy of the Arthur Waley translation of The Tale of Genji, published in 1935 by the Literary Guild. I had a more recent Modern Library hardback of it, same translation, lost in the fire, somewhat larger and thus with larger type. This one might be hard to read, the typeface being quite small, but I'm not planning on reading it soon anyway. I just missed having a copy of it on my shelf. It was an impulse buy, I guess.

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