rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Power Play

Another day when nothing much happened. I woke up too early, an though I intended to go over to Trader Joe's in the evening I started nodding off while I was sitting in the back yard, and each time I woke with a start as some loud truck went by on the freeway I tired to get up and go in and get ready to leave, but always started nodding of again. I almost fell out of the chair a couple of times, but still couldn't completely wake up. By the time I bestirred myself it was too late to go anywhere. So it goes, so I don't.

The wind event that is supposed to start Wednesday and continue into Thursday has PG&E in a post-bankruptcy tizzy, and they are planning to shut down power in huge swaths of the north state in hopes of keeping their equipment from starting any enormous fires. They are supposed to have information about it on their web site, with maps showing potential outage zones, but I can't get any of it to work. This does not give me great confidence in their efforts. If they can't set up a web site properly how are they going to manage something much more complicated?

I did manage to find a list of locations where power is likely to be cut off, and Chico is not on it [Edit: I rechecked, and it actually is on the list], though virtually all the mountain towns in the county are, including what's left of Paradise. The outages are scheduled to begin as early as four o'clock this morning, and are likely to continue at least until Thursday evening. It's going to be very unpleasant for a lot of people, but I can guarantee it won't be as unpleasant as getting burned out.

The Goodwill store is having another half price sale on Monday the 14th, and I hope I feel up to getting over there that day. It's not that I need more books, but just that I'd hate to miss any that I really want. It's unlike a normal book store where the stuff is always there and if they don't have something in stock they can order it. You have to watch the shelves for that brief window of unexpected opportunity. Stuff can sell pretty fast during a half price sale, and though the odds are not good that any particular book I really want will happen to be available that day I still want to check them out.

My stomach has been annoying me all day, and didn't get any better after dinner. My back isn't helping any, either, but at least the tooth has quieted down a bit. I've been trying to think of something I could eat or drink that might quiet my stomach down, but can't think of anything. I feel both hungry and stuffed, and a bit queasy. I might nibble some soda crackers and sip some sparkling water. Maybe reading will help take my mind of of it. I should pick up some antacid tablets, but I always forget. I need memory tablets.

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