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Thursday night my tooth got pretty bad, and I finally had to break out the ibuprofen. I got to sleep somewhere around six o'clock and then at eight my sister returned my call from yesterday. Through my muddled head I explained that I wanted the name and number of her dentist, but I was foggy and confused and couldn't find a pen and paper, and she finally said she would call back in the afternoon. I managed to get back to sleep after a while, but then she never called this afternoon or this evening. When I get an idea in my head that something is going to happen I can't seem to think of alternatives, so I pretty much let it all happen.

Anyway. Now I have to start over again, and call again to get the name, and then arrange an appointment, and I don't know if that can be done on Saturday, so the whole process of starting to deal with getting the tooth fixed might have to wait for Monday. I'm sure there was a better way to go about this, but my thinking gets even more muddled than usual when I have a tooth that is trying to kill me. In the meantime I went to CVS today and bought a bottle of liquid ibuprofen for kids, since I had a terrible time getting the caplet down, as I always do. I haven't puzzled out what dose I ought to take to match the adult dose of the caplets, and I should probably do that before the toothache gets too intense and makes me stupider than ever.

I really hate the ibuprofen, since it leaves me feeling crappy the day after I use it, and I've had longer term bad effects from it in the past, but I have no idea what else to take since I have bad effects of one sort or another from most of the medications I've ever tried. I wish aspirin was strong enough to deal with the tooth pain, since the worst side effect I've gotten from that has been mild nausea. It isn't, though.

Naturally I didn't do much of anything today, aside from the trip to CVS. Just as on the two previous nights the discomfort from the tooth is getting worse as night wears on, so I expect I'll have to dose myself again before long. I don't now if I'll bother trying the orajel, since it failed pretty badly last night. It will likely be straight to the ibuprofen as soon as the pain becomes intolerable. I hope I can sleep better tonight, and not get any interruptions.

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