rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Minor Accomplishment

The evenings have been pretty nice lately. For Thursday I went to CVS and got my beer, and also got a litter box I can turn upside down and use as a platform for the electrical cables connected to the computer and its stuff. I've been using the two small waste baskets I snagged from bedroom and bathroom during the flood early this year, but they weren't adequate to the task, and anyway I've been missing them as waste baskets. Today I was wondering what I could use my 40% off CVS coupon for when the idea of getting a litter box and turning it upside down hit me. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. It works quite well, and I'm ready for the next flood, should we get one.

But I've been terribly thirsty all day, and have nothing I want to drink. I wish I'd thought to buy a bottle of lemonade when I went shopping last week. I probably could have picked some up at CVS ad I been thinking clearly, but I seldom think clearly anymore. Right now I'm making do with a bit of grapefruit juice mixed with some lemon flavored sparkling water and a shot of vodka. A poor substitute, but at least its cold and wet.

Friday has sneaked up on me and I haven't thought about going to either of the bus-accessible stores today. There isn't even a shopping list yet. I was making one out last night when my tooth started hurting more and it distracted me, so I went to bed. I called my sister after I woke up, intending to get the name of the Chico dentist she went to, but she didn't answer and doesn't have voice mail set up, and never called me back. I should probably have just called my brother, since he was the one who originally recommended the guy. But again, brain not working well anymore.

In a little while I'm going to check on the back yard, where it is quite chilly, and then get my disorganized self into bed to read for a while before I (hopefully) go to sleep. It should be mild today, though a mini-heatwave starts Saturday. It will be nothing compared to what we had in September, thank goodness, and the nights should continue to be cool. October is seldom horrible here, as far as weather goes. Of course there could be a fire, but we won't talk about that. I've had quite enough of that.

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