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A lot of sleeping today, though not much last night, and quite a bit of sneezing and some coughing, though I don't think I'm coming down with a cold. I've just caught age, mostly, with a few allergies thrown in. I'm not sure what is in the air, but it probably comes from agriculture of some sort. The almond harvest, which begins in August, ought to be about over by now, so it's probably not dust from all the tree shaking. But I'm sure something is being harvested, and it is putting something into the air, and that accounts for the sneezing.

At the Goodwill store I got a big hardbound book called "The Century" which is about half pictures, the first half of the book showing mostly people who are dead now, seen in places that are mostly gone or changed beyond recognition, and the second half showing a lot of people who will be dead before much longer and places that will soon be gone or unrecognizable. Until last November I had quite a few such books, all of which are gone now. The one I bought today might outlast me, but then one never knows.

That tooth is still bothering me, but I didn't get around to making a dental appointment today since it didn't bother me until after it was too late to call. Something about nightfall that brings it on. It might be a vampire tooth. Whatever it is I'll have to deal with it, so I should probably leave a note for myself about the sneaky little bloodsucker. It obviously wants to trick me.

Although I got up quite late today I still got to hear the mockingbird for a while. It sometimes perches in the bush that covers my back fence, but today it was in a tree on the far side of the bike path. I could still hear it reasonably well, at lest when large trucks were not passing on the freeway and loud aircraft were not flying overhead. After living for thirty two years in a place that was relatively quiet, it's going to be tough adjusting to the mini-metropolis, especially this noisy part of it. By day, at least, an into the early evening, this place is noisier than the neighborhood I lived in in Los Angeles.

When I went out this evening I forgot to pick up a six pack of Sierra Nevada porter, so I had to have a bottle of Oktoberfest with dinner. It was okay, but I prefer the porter. I must remember to buy some tomorrow. That will be an incentive to get me out of the door, whether I feel like going or not.

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