rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Out Of It

I was hoping that once the weather turned cooler I'd feel better and more energetic, but it does not appear to be happening yet. I'm still not sleeping well, and last night I got a toothache, which made sleeping even more difficult. Though I did finally get to sleep, I ended up sleeping until two o'clock this afternoon, and was too exhausted to even go over to the Plaza later. The toothache was much diminished today, but began to intensify after nightfall. I suppose I'll have to make an appointment with a dentist, which means a lot of bother arranging transportation and all, but it will have to be done sooner or later.

Although I'm well stocked up on foods, much of it is not suitable for tooth-babying, so tonight I just microwaved a frozen tamale and ate an avocado with it. I turned out to be an excellent avocado, and the tamale was better than usual as well. There is plenty of other stuff that will be good for tooth-babying, but I don't want the other stuff to go to waste. Maybe I can overcook some of it to make it softer.

Some good news today is that the mockingbird spent a large part of the afternoon singing nearby. I guess it was just waiting for the weather to cool off, too. It must have spent the sultry weeks in some shadier neighborhood nearby. There aren't whole lot of trees in the immediate neighborhood, even though Chico as a whole is lousy with trees, many of them quite large. In fact I suspect that, under the right conditions, Chico would burn as thoroughly as Paradise did. It would probably take a bit longer, though. But more likely it will just burn partly, like Redding and Santa Rosa did.

Since my toothache is still pretty mild tonight I'm hoping I can sleep better than I did last night. Of course it could get worse. I've got Orajel (which didn't work very well last night, though it certainly made me drool a lot) and ibuprofen (which I didn't want to take last night, and really don't like taking at all,) so temporary relief, or at least semi-relief, is a possibility should I get sufficiently desperate. I really miss television when I have a situation like this, since television is such an easy and effective distraction. Reading requires too much attentive effort.

I should probably skip having a snack tonight, to avoid irritating the tooth, though being hungry might also tend to keep me awake. Maybe a bit of soft cheese and some wine. The chocolate with almonds is surely out, though. Too bad I don't have another avocado. That was the best one I've had in a long time.
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