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Despite the delightfully cool weather I didn't go anywhere today. For one thing I got up too late, and for another I couldn't get my brain to function properly. It refused to let go of the Internets, and refused to let me fix any lunch. However, I will probably go out Sunday, as I've arranged a ride to Safeway. The chance of afternoon showers is up to 50%, so I probably won't be walking over to the Plaza after I get back, but anything I actually need into Monday I'm sure I can get at Safeway. The rain might be over by Monday afternoon anyway, so I can go out then.

It has gotten surprisingly chilly surprisingly fast tonight, though the apartment is holding on to its accumulated warmth well enough that I probably won't have to turn on the furnace. I can't have the windows open,though, so it's getting stuffy. I go out to the back yard now and then for fresh air, and feel pleasantly toasty when I come back in. I might have to heat the place a bit when I take my shower tomorrow, though, as the high is going to be only 65, and that's after going down to 45 tonight. Fall!

But then it could be getting back up into the eighties by Wednesday, so not very fall! I can deal with the eighties, as long as the nights cool off reasonably well, and it looks like they will. A mild October with a few rainy days would be nice, so I hope that's what we get. So far we've been lucky with wildfires this year, with about the same number a we'd had by this time last year, but with only about 1/20 as many acres burned. A mild and periodically rainy October would help keep it that way. They are already getting rain in the northwest corner of the state, as well as in the high Sierra, and there is already some snow falling in the southern Sierra, which is an encouraging sign.

It's so quiet tonight, with no crickets and the breeze barely stirring. There aren't even very many cars on the freeway. A train will be coming through town soon, though. Maybe I'll go out and listen to it, under the starless sky.

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