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So I made a bus trip to one of the stores today, and got quite a few things for less than 25 bucks, which was 47% off the regular prices. It would have been about 49% if they hadn't been out of donuts, since I had a coupon for a free one. For some reason that store often runs out of single donuts on Fridays, though they always have packages of a dozen, which I can't use. It would be nice if they would just break pen one of those packages and put them in the case for individual sale, but they never do.

Of course, rushing to get done so I wouldn't miss the bus home I forgot a couple of things, and had to go to Trader Joe's later to get them. But now I've got new foods for at least four dinners, even if I don't manage to get to Safeway this week. Naturally I already had foods for at least fifty full dinners stashed away, but the new stuff is more interesting.

It was so nice to go out and not be too hot. It was fairly cloudy much of the day, and I even felt a few sprinkles while I was out, but it never rained. I the current pattern persists for a few weeks I'll probably spend more time going out, and might even (finally) make it to the downtown to snoop around. I still want to go the the student book store at the University for a couple of things I can't find in the other stores around here.

Sunday afternoon and Monday morning are still showing 30% and 40% chances of rain respectively, and I'm hoping we do get some, but that it doesn't get too intense or keep me stuck in the apartment both days. Monday is the last day of September, but the stores are already full of Halloween stuff. It's getting to be as stretched out as Christmas. Maybe we should start a War on Halloween. I mean the War on Christmas has almost eliminated that holiday from ten months of the year (nine months on the Hallmark cable channels,) so I'm sure we could succeed at getting Halloween confined to only October again.

This afternoon I started having problems with my email. I can't log in to my main account, the AT&T-Yahoo one. I spent half an hour getting run around in circles by the system, and I'm still not back in. AT&T was supposed to separate its email entirely from Yahoo about two years ago, but every time I try to log in at the AT&T site they shunt me on to a Yahoo page, which keeps wanting me to sign in to the Yahoo account I had before I got the one from AT&T, and which I haven't used in ages.

This situation has arisen before, and resolved itself somehow (though I can't remember how) so maybe that will happen this time. If it doesn't, I've got an enormous hassle ahead of me, as I'll have to switch all sorts of stuff I subscribe to to my gmail account, and I can't remember the passwords of most of the sites I'd be switching stuff from. I had them written down, but, you know, fire. It's been almost half a century since we decided personal computers and email would be a thing, and we still haven't figured out how to make it not be glitchy and a pain in the ass.

Now I'm going to have a bowl of soup and some fresh French bread I bought today. It's nice and chilly outside tonight, and quite pleasantly cool indoors, and I think it's time to inaugurate soup season.

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