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The last hot day is over, and at least two weeks of mild days now begins. It cooled rapidly this evening, and a stiff breeze came up. I hear the cricket chirping, but very faintly. Something resembling serenity has settled over the mini-metropolis, but it will only last through the night, or most of the night. Heavier traffic will hit the freeway before dawn, and another noisy day will begin. But at least it will be a cooler day.

The wind must be confined to the valley, as PG&E has announced no plans for a power shutoff tonight or tomorrow. If it were windy in the mountains, where fire risk is greatest, I'm sure they would have done by now, if they have not slipped back into their old ways. But right now it just seems likely they don't need to shut anything off. The next couple of days look quite mild. A 30% chance of rain is predicted for Sunday afternoon, and a 40% chance for Monday morning, but Friday and Saturday are each at a mere 10%, and only partly cloudy.

I haven't decided if I'll try to make a run to the bus-accessible stores Friday afternoon. One of them does have a few items I'd like to stock up on, including the microwave yakisoba noodles I find so handy when I don't feel like cooking anything elaborate (like something from a can, or a frozen item that must go into the actual oven.) This is the last shopping weekend of the month, and I haven't spent all of the money I'd budgeted, so I could probably afford a couple of luxury items as well.

My sleep pattern is still a bit odd, though not as odd as for the last few days. After yesterday's split shift sleep, I got up around eleven o'clock this morning, and I haven't had any unintentional naps tonight, so maybe tonight will be fairly normal and I'll be in good shape for venturing out tomorrow. This evening all I did was run over to the Goodwill store to look at books, and then stop at Taco Bell on the way back for a burrito. It seemed appropriate to not cook, but eating so early meant I had to have a bowl of ramen later. I'm feeling tired now and will soon be reading myself to sleep. I'm glad it's cool and I wont have to listen to the fan running all night.

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