rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It looks like at least part of the autumn that got cancelled will happening after all. The chance of showers Sunday is back up to 40%, and for Monday 20%. Plus the highs predicted both days are in the sixties, and after tomorrow there are no more nineties in the forecast, nor even any eighties. I don't know what happened to cause this change, but I'm grateful for it. It looks like we could get two straight weeks of fine autumn weather. Now we just have to hope no fires come along to spoil it.

As for today (or Wednesday, since it's over now) it was awful, but knowing that it was now likely to be the penultimate hot day of the season I didn't mind so much. Even though I found the heat so enervating that I didn't go anywhere again today, it was rather enjoyable to sit in the sultry back yard and be miserable, simply knowing that the misery will soon be over. Well, that particular misery will, though misery of another sort (I can't go out because it's raining and I'll gt soaked! I'm spending a fortune keeping this place warm!) will soon enough take its place. But in the meantime (may it be a long meantime) We get those splendidly mild days and moderately chilly nights to enjoy.

But along about sunset I got very tired, since I was short of sleep for the third day in a row. This time it was thanks to a robocall that woke me up about two hours too soon. Because I got so tired I decided to risk a short nap, and the short nap turned out to be four hours long, so I might be awake for the rest of the night now. It's unfortunate that the Constitution forbids ex post facto laws, as I would love to retroactively make the invention of the robocall a capital offense.

I don't know if I'll go out tomorrow (today) since it's going to be pretty hot again, and I'm likely to sleep most of the day anyway, but I would like to get to the Goodwill store, just in case they've got a book or two I wouldn't want to miss. Friday ought to be a very nice day, so it would be nice if I could go somewhere a bit farther off then, but I haven't made plans. I haven't even looked at the web sites of the stores yet. Maybe I'l go do that now.

Oh, there goes a train. I don't think I'll ever get used to hearing them so close.

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