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Another day of not leaving the apartment. It got pretty hot this afternoon, and I was short of sleep for a second day in a row, so I decided to just chill in the air conditioned space, with only the occasional visit to the back yard (I remembered to water the plants for the first time in several days) and one to the mailbox, where I found this month's PG&E bill (back down to below fifty bucks.) When I went to the mailbox, just after nightfall, I noticed the orange tabby neighborhood cat I haven't seen in a while, napping under a car. It looked at me, but didn't show any interest in further contact. I expect I might hear it up on the roof later tonight, as that is where it used to hang out when it was coming here most nights.

Speaking of PG&E, for the last couple of nights they have been cutting power to large segments of the population in the region, hoping to prevent another fire. The autumn wind has begun kicking up, and the hot, dry days and nights are the perfect time for wildfires to get started. Tonight a shutdown is schedule for about 60,000 people in various parts of the north state at 2:30 in the morning, and the strong winds are expected to continue until midday Wednesday. I don't think this neighborhood will be subjected to the shutdown, though some parts of Chico will be, probably out on the east edge of town where housing butts up against fields of dry grass, and power lines crossing those fields could be at risk of coming down.

It being warmer tonight, the cricket is chirping faster again, and sounds a bit closer, too. It is clearly enjoying the balmy night. Not only is it balmy tonight, but the high predicted for tomorrow is now 101. Worse, the chances of rain Friday through Monday have been reduced to 10%. Just three days ago they were from 30% to 40%. I'm now thinking we probably won't get any rain at all. Too bad, since it would reduce the fire danger for at least a few days. Seattle is already getting some nice autumnal coolness, but it looks like California is to be denied yet again. It's quite disappointing.

I have skipped making dinner too many nights in a row, including tonight, and I think I'm going to go fix something ambitious right now. That is if all the stuff I need for it is still usable, some of it having sat in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks now. If some key ingredient has gone bad I guess I'll have to find an alternative, which will probably mean ramen yet again. I like the stuff, but it's starting to get a bit tedious. I'd like something I can really chew, before my teeth all fall out.

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