rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nothing In Particular

A Sunday ride to Safeway is on the schedule. I didn't go anywhere today. Somehow all the time got used up anyway. It is slightly warmer tonight, and for a while I heard a cricket chirping a little way up the bike path. I'm more attentive to them, now that I've been reminded they'll soon be gone for the year. It is probably gone for the night now, since I didn't hear it last time I went outside. The growing chill must have silenced it.

I think I'm pretty close to going to sleep now, though recently being tired has not been an indication that I would fin it easy to pass out. I will probably have a snack of some kind first, and I will certainly try to read a bit. My neck is a bit sore, and it reminds me that I haven't had an adjustment from a chiropractor for over ten months now. I'm not arranging my new life very well. I shouldprobably do something about that. I probably won't.

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