rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


No bus ride today, but this evening I got my beer and tea at CVS, and also bought a new package of the ingrown toenail medication I noticed I was getting low on. I used my 40% off any item coupon for that instead of for the tea. There were no interesting books at the Goodwill store. The walk home left me tired, and my back felt a bit out of place, so I decided to lie down for a few minutes. Mistake. I ended up having another unintentional nap, and didn't wake up for almost three hours. I've been running behind ever since.

Rain has reappeared in the forecast, starting next Friday and recurring for the subsequent three days. So far only showers are predicted, but that could change. The high temperatures will be in the sixties. The equinox, which will be Monday, is going to be in the eighties, and the next two days in the nineties, then Thursday in the eighties again, then it will plunge down to a rainy 69 on Friday. That's going to be quite a whiplash. But the rest of that week after the four cool, wet days looks pleasant, with sunny days in the seventies. So, one foretaste of autumn, followed by one last outburst of summer before autumn really begins.

The disruption of my schedule means I didn't make any dinner again tonight. I'm going to microwave some yakisoba, and maybe cut up a green bell pepper that I can tell is about to go bad. I had other plans for it but I can pick up another easily enough. There won't be much sitting around outside tonight. It's gotten chilly, and the crickets are silent anyway. Maybe they will chirp again after the warm days next week. If not, so long until next year, crickets. Thanks for dropping by.

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