rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Arrrr Nuts

Hours escaping again as I lose track of time. It didn't get too hot today, and the evening was almost cool, so I wandered of to Grocery Outlet in hope of finding some unsweetened, unflavored pre-brewed tea, but they had none. I picked up another package of donuts, since I'm close to running out, and also got a good deal on some olive oil, and they had some butternut squash soup that hasn't been in stock there for ages so I bought a box of that. I looked all over the store but didn't find anything else of interest to me. Sometimes it's like that there, and it's always a bit disappointing not to find some delightful surprise among their wares.

Later I thought about going out again to get the tea at CVS, where it costs too much, but currently I do have one of their 40% off coupons I don't intend to spend on anything else. There was probably time to get there and back before nightfall, but I just didn't have enough energy left after the earlier trip, so the tea will have to wait. In the meantime I'm cold brewing some tea tonight which will be ready to ice by the time I get up tomorrow. It isn't as good as the wasteful bottled stuff, but is certainly cheaper.

For dinner I finished off the pot of beans I made Tuesday, and they were actually better this time. Last time I made beans the leftovers were not as good as the fresh ones had been. My cooking is nothing if not unpredictable and inconsistent. It's a good thing the microwave and frozen foods were invented or I'd probably end up starving. Since they did get invented, I'll only end up overweight and malnourished.

It's pretty chilly out tonight, but I'd put on a hoodie and sit outside for a while anyway, just to be out of the stuffy apartment, but there are a couple of odd smells in the air tonight. One is a plant of some sort, a bit sharp and slightly acrid, and the other is either laundry detergent or one of those vile fabric softeners. The plant odor by itself wouldn't be too bad, but mingled with the chemical odors from somebody doing laundry nearby it just becomes too annoying. But then the cricket isn't singing tonight, so there's one less reason to be outside anyway.

I probably won't be going out for a bus ride tomorrow. I don't need to go to the bank and the bus-accessible stores don't have anything to lure me in this week's sales. In any case I'm still not sleeping well and probably won't wake up early enough anyway, plus it's going to be a few degrees hotter than it was today. I'll probably just wait for evening and go see if they have any books I don't need but want anyway at the Goodwill store, and then pick up the tea and another six pack of beer at CVS. That should be enough excitement for one day.

I hope everyone had a nice Talk Like a Pirate Day. I totally forgot it.

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