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Having left going out too late (partly from having gotten up too late) I ended up never going out at all today because a storm came up. The storm actually came up last night, but wan't very intense, and then this afternoon it was only partly cloudy and cool and would have been very nice for walking, but by the time I got around to getting ready it began to sprinkle, and then to drizzle, and then to pour, and finally to thunder fiercely, with great flashes of lightning preceding each thunderclap by shorter and shorter intervals. It was spectacular, but certainly precluded any possibility of venturing forth without getting soaked or perhaps electrocuted. There were even tornado warnings, though no tornadoes put down in my neighborhood.

This kept up until after nightfall, and then drizzle continued for some hours after that. The rain has only ceased recently, and though the chilly night offers no cricket songs, there are drips falling from the leaves of the bush on my back fence, and I've enjoyed listening to those. No more rain is in the forecast, so I must enjoy the aftermath while it lasts. Hotter days will return Friday, and a couple of days early next week could get back up into the nineties. I think the heat will be easier to endure now that we've had this rain, though. It is like a promise from autumn. I hope it will be kept.

I took advantage of the coolness to make a cool weather dinner for the first time in months. I made macaroni and cheese, an I'm pretty well stuffed. I might find it easier to get to sleep tonight, since I'm feeling pretty loggy already. The fan hasn't been on since last night, an the apartment has still held on to the heat well enough that I can have a couple of windows open so I can listen to the dripping outside. Fresh air without a fan is nice, especially when it smells of rain. I haven't seen the waning moon, as it is still cloudy, but I know it's up there somewhere. Maybe it will emerge before I go to sleep, and I can say Goodnight, Moon.

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