rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Supper

This evening I walked over to the Goodwill store and snagged a volume of the poetry of Robert Frost, which contains all eleven of the books he published over his lifetime. I also found a volume of the complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway. Neither of these are books I had before the fire, though I had parts of their contents scattered about in various anthologies. Neither is too surprising a find, both Frost and Hemingway being perennially popular. Still a good buy, especially on senior discount day.

There was nothing I needed from any of the other stores, but I decided to pick up a burrito from Taco Bell, as I am making a pot of beans and got started rather late, and I didn't want to wait until midnight to have dinner. I just tested them and they are done now, though the liquid hasn't cooked down quite enough since I used too much water. There are probably two servings in the batch, so I might just have one now and reduce the liquid the rest of the way before I eat the second serving tomorrow or the next day.

Wednesday is expected to be quite pleasantly cool, with a high of 71, which is only two degrees warmer than it is here right now. There could be thunder showers, though. If it doesn't look too threatening in the afternoon I might go out somewhere. At least if I wake up early enough. I'm still having a hard time getting to sleep at a reasonable hour, and it's even harder to get up the next day. There are no cats needing to be fed, and no television to tempt me with movies. Chico doesn't manage to give me an incentive to do much of anything. I still haven't explored the downtown, such a it is, but as time passes and my energy wanes I find that prospect less appealing anyway.

As it turns out I won't even have to go out to get my State I.D. renewed. I got a letter from the DMV saying they will let me renew it online or by mail. I guess that mean's they'll use the same photo I have on the one that expires in January. It's a terrible photo, but I suspect that any new one I got now would be even worse. The photo on the I.D. I had before my current one was not half bad. I wish I could have kept that one, but I probably don't look as much like that photo now as I do like the one I've got currently. That in itself is a very distressing thought.

The butter for my French bread must be soft enough that I can spread it now, so I guess I'll go eat. A midnight supper is so romantic, isn't it? Beans, beans, the musical fruit.

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