rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Lethargy Is So Enervating

There are donuts for tomorrow today, thanks to me having gone all the way to Grocery Outlet on foot this Tuesday evening. But there will be no clean towels for my shower tomorrow today, thanks to me forgetting to do the laundry before it got too late. The laundry room being smack up against the two front apartments, it just makes too much noise to run the machines after about ten o'clock at night. That means I'l have to do laundry this afternoon before I can go out. Odds are I won't remember, though. I forget all sorts of stuff these days.

The next hottish spell starts today with a high of 88, and then three days in the nineties are expected before we get back down to a couple of days in the seventies early next week. Summer is taking its time getting out of here, though it has gotten quite pleasantly cool tonight. Sadly, I'm not enjoying it as much as I expected to, due to my continuing low energy state. I hope to get to the Goodwill store to check for any new books this evening, Wednesday being senior discount day, and then I could pick up a couple of things at Trader Joe's. I bought bagels the other day and forgot to get cream cheese, and then forgot it again when I went to Grocery Outlet.

But I still can't see myself doing anything adventurous anytime soon. Though actually remembering to do the laundry early tomorrow would be pretty exciting. As long as I don't wear myself out before evening and have no energy to walk half a mile. Those bagels are going to get stale if I don't get cream cheese soon.

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