rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Somewhat Mild

If I listen very carefully I can hear my cricket chirping softly and slowly. It isn't going to get quite as chilly or get chilly quite as fast tonight as it did last night, and apparently the cricket approves. I'll have to leave the fan on a bit longer tonight, but I can live with that, so I approve too. Actually I ended up not having a very good night last night, though I don't know why. I just couldn't get to sleep easily enough, or stay asleep once I got there. I found myself coughing quite a bit. I bought some cough syrup at CVS this evening, which I hope will help if I get the problem again tonight.

Earlier I managed to get to the bank and the two stores nearby, and bought a number of things, including two bagels, some nice looking fresh tomatoes, a jar of nacho cheese, a fresh package of frozen tamales, and a family-size vegetable lasagna that I will be able to stretch for three meals. The lasagna is also frozen, of course, and I won't be able to buy any more frozen items until I have used up some of those that are currently in my freezer. It is officially full. A few items that were on my list today weren't available, or weren't what I was looking for after all, but that's just as well, given the fact that the larder is well nigh stuffed.

It's likely that today's shopping trip provided all the excitement there will be this week. I suppose I might get a notion to try to go do something interesting, or the Goodwill store might get in a book I badly want, but these are long shots. Although I did pick up a six pack of Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest beer at CVS, and I suppose my first taste of that for this year could be construed as exciting. I mean it I were really desperate for excitement. Which I probably am. Yay, beer.

We're supposed to get another merely balmy day tomorrow, and then a few more hottish days (though none in the nineties) and then a few more balmy days, and one day with a high of 77, which compared to what has lately prevailed might even pass for cool. Happily, all the nights will be getting down into the sixties or fifties. This is quite not-nightmarish. It seems likely that I'll end up surviving this summer after all. Something to drink to when I open that first bottle of Oktoberfest.

Oh, I forgot to mention that today is the beginning of Palindrome Week. Each of the ten days from 9-10-19 through 9 19 19 read the same forward as they do backward. An odd little quirk of the calendar. I'm sure it's utterly meaningless.

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