rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday Night

There was a lot of air traffic today, and I think it was mostly Cal Fire's new 747 that drops loads of chemical retardant on wildfires. The plane, which is very loud, was taking off from Chico Airport and heading south, then making a turn westward over this neighborhood. It made at least eight runs this afternoon after I woke up, and I heard a few flights earlier which disturbed my sleep.

The fire, which got started this morning, is actually southeast of here, about five miles south of Lake Orovile and about the same distance southeast of downtown Oroville. At last report it had burned about 400 acres, with 0% containment. The wind is not as strong as it was last November, and is blowing from the south, not the east. There have been some evacuations in the foothill areas east of Oroville. The southerly wind is keeping the smoke out of Chico, an this time of year is unlikely to shift much. I would definitely no t like to be inhaling any more smoke, so I certainly hope it doesn't.

This evening I walked over to the plaza. I'd intended to go to the 99 cent store, which is where i usually buy dish soap, but decided to go to Dollar Tree instead, which was about 400 feet closer. I'm getting seriously exhausted by walking these days, and it wasn't even all that hot today. I just seem to be running out of energy, and out of breath, much more quickly than I used to.

I think I heard the mockingbird this afternoon, but since I didn't see it I'm not sure. I heard a couple of different songs such a I'd expect it to make, but I also kept hearing a raven's croak. I've never known a mockingbird to croak like a raven before, although most of the mockingbirds I have heard have been in Los Angeles, where I've never heard a raven either. I've heard ravens up here now and then. so I guess it's plausible that a local mockingbird would imitate them.

Although I heard the mockingbird, my cricket is still missing. I didn't think to listen for him earlier, when the air was still fairly mild, and now it's down to 65 degrees, which is getting a bit chilly for crickets— probably especially for Chico crickets, who are accustomed to fearsome heat. But while I'm ad to lose the cricket, I'm happy that the apartment is going to get much cooler tonight, and that I'll be able to turn the fan off fairly early. It will be nice to do my bedtime reading without that racket, or the unpleasant draft that thing makes.

No word on whether I'll be getting a ride to Safeway this week. I'd like to get it over with. Also I'll be needing to make a run to the bank this week. I hope I've got the energy for it, and can wake up early enough. Monday is my target for that. The high is supposed to be only 82. I can deal with that.

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