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I was planning to go to Trader Joe's this evening and get a couple of onions and some tomatoes, but then when it came time I just didn't feel like getting out. It ought to be a few degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today, and maybe I'll go then, but tonight is expected to be rather warm, only dropping to 69 degrees, so I'm not real happy at the moment. Early this afternoon it was quite cloudy, and we even got a few drops of rain, but all that did was add a bit of mugginess to the heat the clouds were holding in. They are still holding it in. Tomorrow will be only partly cloudy, and tomorrow night we should get back down into the low sixties. Saturday night might even get down to 59. I'd certainly enjoy that.

Rather annoyingly, my ATT-Yahoo email account is currently not functioning. It looks like everything powered by Yahoo email is down right now. I get the notice "’s server IP address could not be found." I can't say I'm surprised. Yahoo is run by a bunch of Oath-holes. They can't seem to tell their Oath from a hole in the ground. I should probably just switch all my email activity to Gmail anyway. I no longer have AT&T Internet or phone, and I suspect they'll just eliminate my email account there someday.

My appetite hasn't been very good lately. Now and then I'll make an actual meal, but most o the time I just snack a bit. Today I had some cottage cheese and a few crackers, and later a few nuts and then four small cookies, plus I've had some cold drinks with fruit juice in them, but I just haven't been hungry enough to go to the trouble of cooking anything. I've been contemplating putting on a couple of ears of corn and a few stalks of asparagus to boil, but I'm not sure I even want to do that, although it would be something to go with a bottle of beer. Plus I really need to use up that corn, and the asparagus isn't getting any fresher. Maybe I'll just haul my fat ass over to the kitchen before it gets any later. Why does that ass not get any smaller when I eat so little? Oh, right. Beer.

Cricket says goodnight, Internets.

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