rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Boil and Bubble

This evening I made my first trek to Kmart in quite a while. It has been just too hot to go that far, that being the most distant store I walk to, probably close to half a mile away. It was really too hot today, and I was exhausted when I got home, but I wanted to see if they had any jars appropriate for making cold brew coffee (they didn't) and any handkerchiefs I could use as filters (it turns out that although Kmart sells packages of them on its web site they don't stock them in the stores.) I ended up buying a teakettle, though. It is the first time I've seen stainless steel teakettles in any store since I arrived in Chico, and although it was pretty pricey I grabbed it. All I've seen heretofore have been those flimsy aluminum kettles, and I don't want one of those. But I did get five dollars off the regular price since I had bonus cash, which was expiring today.

I also had five dollars of bonus cash to use on clothing, so I bought another tank top (which I won't need for long, since summer will soon be ending— I hope) and another pair of lounging pants. The tank was on sale, but the lounging pants were regular price, and I wouldn't have bought them except that they are decorated with cats, and there were only two pair and I know they wouldn't be around by the time the next clearance sale comes along. I need lounge pants with cats on them, after all. The three items together came to about thirty six bucks, which I suppose I can afford this early in the month. But I still don't have a container appropriate for making cold brew coffee.

It is cooling off fairly well tonight, and the cricket (I can only hear one now) is chirping rather slowly. The traffic on the freeway has died down, and the night is quiet (for Chico) and the air smells fresh. I've opened the windows, to air the apartment out and cool it. It gets pretty stuffy in here on these long, hot days. Tomorrow will be slightly shorter, but just as hot. Thursday it will start cooling just a bit, but the first day with a high below 90 is supposed to be Saturday. I should probably plan a celebration, just in case I survive that long. Maybe a bottle of sparkling wine from Trader Joe's, although I should probably just settle for an extra bottle of beer. In fact I think this year's batch of Sierra Nevada Octoberfest is in the stores now, so maybe I'll pick up a six pack of that.

Okay, I just got distracted by hurricane videos, and flaked for about an hour. One of my nephews has been in the process of moving to Charleston, and it might be that he got there just in time to evacuate, or he might not have left here yet. I'm not sure what part of the town he's going to be in, but it's probably outlying. I'll have to check with my brother to find out what's up.

Snack, book, sleep.

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