rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hot and Cool

Goodness, is it midnight already? How time flies (like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.) I like a banana myself, and like a banana cream pie even more, and since I managed to get up in time to bus ride to Save Mart today I thought I might pick one up, since they have the Claim Jumper frozen pies on sale. But yes, they had no banana. They had plenty of the pies you need to bake (in this weather, hell no) but among the pies you just thaw and serve there were only chocolate (tempting, but I eat lots of chocolate stuff in other forms,) coconut cream (I might enjoy one slice of coconut cream, but this is a whole damned pie we're talking about, so uh-uh,) and they had a lemon meringue. I settled for that, since I'm fond of the flavor and also like the word meringue very much, though for pie eating I really prefer the cream varieties. It was a compromise. I'll just say "mmmmeringue" in between bites, and I'm sure that will keep me happy.

It was fortunate that the pie needed to be thawed for eating this very day, as the bus home was almost twenty minutes late, and it was way hot out there. Less fortunate was the fact that I also bought some other frozen stuff, since I was only going to the one store and not the bank, so had plenty of time to get to the bus stop before the scheduled arrival of that public conveyance. But with the bus being late, the stuff was out of the freezer about forty minutes before I got it home. I hope it will be okay. If I die from some sort of re-frozen food poisoning just blame Butte County Transit.

However, if I die tonight it will most likely be because of the Nongshim noodle bowl I ate about an hour ago. It was a flavor I've not tried before, called Gourmet Spicy. As a rule I don't buy things with the word "gourmet" on the package, since in commercial foods it is almost invariably a euphemism for crappy and weird, but since I've enjoyed the other flavors of Nongshim bowls I've tried I decided I'd make an exception. They aren't kidding about the spicy. For the first few minutes after eating it I thought it possible that my stomach had become deranged and would digest my entire body from the inside out. It has eased up a bit now, but my tongue is still sore. The stuff was hot as hell, but also so tasty! I'm not a masochist, not even of the gustatory variety, but I just might buy some more of that stuff. I could probably eat it about four times a year without needing hospitalization. Of course if the bowl I ate tonight proves fatal, the whole question becomes moot.

But I'm really, really, really glad that that lemon meringue pie is probably just about thawed, as I'm hoping that eating a slice of it will cool my tongue off enough that I can eventually get to sleep tonight. But first, of course, I'll go sit in the at last blessedly cool night air of the back yard for a while and listen to my crickets. Oh, and there is back yard news as well. This afternoon I noticed a small creature scurrying across the cement, and on close inspection (meaning from about three feet, my eyes having gotten so bad) I discovered that it was a baby lizard! It is probably the offspring of the one who was hanging out in the yard earlier this year, but who I haven't seen for a few weeks. Perhaps there will be more of them out there. I think I'd enjoy having a lizard family in the yard, as long as they are smart enough not to get under my feet.

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