rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Quite Normal Yet

This evening I did manage a brief outing to fetch a few items from Grocery Outlet. They haven't had much interesting stuff lately, so all I bought was donuts and a couple of small jars of pre-cold-brewed coffee. A year or two ago the Outlet was getting these 32-ounce boxes of pre-brewed coffee, the brand name of which I don't remember, but they were only 99 cents each, and it was really good stuff.

It is probable likely that they don't make that brand anymore, so I will occasionally buy one or two of these little jars, when they have them. I don't drink enough coffee to justify buying a coffee maker. There wouldn't rally be enough room in this tiny kitchen for one anyway. The cheapest little jars are $1.49 for ten ounces, so I have to think of them more as a flavoring than a beverage, and usually mix it with milk. I wish they still had that other stuff.

Another thing Grocery Outlet used to have was packaged baked goods from a company with a very odd, Germanic name I cant recall. Little individual cakes and buns and such things that were quite good, but I haven't seen them in a couple of years. That's the problem with Grocery Outlet. For a while they will have something you really like, and then it vanishes and never comes back.

Although I did get out this evening, it was still too hot to be enjoyable, and I was exhausted by the time I got back. I've been thinking I might try to get out on the bus tomorrow, but I don't know. It's still going to be hot, and and waiting for a bus while hot and tired is not at all fun. Besides which with the sleep schedule (or non-schedule) I've had for the last several days it's unlikely I'd be getting up early enough to go anyway. That window of opportunity with the convenient bus is so narrow. And I haven't even checked the ads or the stores in that neighborhood anyway. All the supermarket web sites have been misbehaving rather badly of late.

It's almost cool enough to have the windows open now. I'm going to have a snack,listen to crickets, and read for a while. I'm hoping that just maybe I'll be able to get to sleep a bit earlier tonight, since I only got about six hours last night. A nasty leg cramp woke me up about noon, and by the time I'd walked it off I was too awake to get back to sleep. Maybe that will turn out to have been a good thing.

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