rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Peak Swelter

So I've made it over the heat hump, almost. Today was the hottest day in the forecast, and tonight will be the hottest night, and tomorrow (today) is to be down a full seven degrees from today (yesterday) and tomorrow night two degrees from tonight. Right now, at jut about midnight, it's an appalling 84 degrees outside, so it will probably be air conditioner time all night. It's still not looking good for any trips out on foot for the foreseeable future. At some point I'll have to force myself, though,, unless I get a ride. I'm almost out of milk. And chocolate. And donuts.

My sinuses are rebelling against the constant use of air conditioning and the fan, and for some reason I've been getting major cramps in my legs. They wake me up sometimes, and I have to get up and walk them off when I'd really rather still be sleeping. Then it take forever to get back to sleep once the cramp subsides. Then I'm sure I'm having weird dreams, too, though I don't remember them. I jut wake up exhausted, with a few vague, disturbing images floating in my head. It's most likely the heat. At least I hope it's just the heat, or maybe just that I haven't been walking enough.

The crickets are chirping rapidly tonight, it being as hot as it is. I've been wondering if we'll be getting the obnoxiously loud small crickets here like we got on the ridge. They usually turned up toward the end of summer and persisted into the fall, and their buzzing would drown out the pleasant music of the big crickets. I could easily do without their tedious, nerve-wracking racket.

When was I last out of here? Saturday, I think. So, three days so far, and I can't say I'm enjoying it. Tomorrow evening is likely to still be too hot for walking. Maybe I can force myself out Thursday or Friday evening. Those days are supposed to get up to a mere 94, so maybe it will get down to the mid-eighties around sunset. Yikes. Not encouraging. Oh, August, why do you have to be such a dick?

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