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A surprise ride to Safeway today resulted in more stuff to stuff into the cupboards and refrigerator. There was also a great bargain on some cleaning supplies, and a luxury bottle of high-end vodka (Stolichnaya, which does not come in a plastic bottle.) Aside from milk, which I could run out of around the middle of next week, and maybe a couple of items of produce, I'm set for the rest of the month. I will need fresh donuts before the end of the heat wave, but Grocery Outlet is only about a quarter of a mile away, and I can probably bring myself to endure one more evening of walking in horrible heat to get there. The milk will have to come from Trader Joe's, which is slightly closer. Beer is already taken care of for the next week, as I went to CVS after Safeway today.

So now comes the test of endurance. Maybe as long as two weeks stuck in this apartment, except for two or three essential nearby outings, just feeling myself gradually disintegrate. It's going to be boring and tedious, and frustrating, I'm sure, unless something unexpected happens, and I have a hard time imagining anything unexpected happening that isn't disastrous, like one of those planes that flies over the neighborhood crashing on us, for example.

But then I suppose the Rapture might take place, and all my righteous neighbors will fall down dead and the rest of us run amok, looting their stuff, though given the heat we probably won't run very fast. We'd probably just run amok-ish, then find some shade to rest in until we got our strength back. But, honestly, I think the Rapture is even less likely than one of those planes crashing. Too bad, since I'd really like to nab a big screen TV from one o the dead neighbors and watch English people murdering one another. In my opinion the end of the world would not be too high a price to pay for that. I find that I really miss television, a lot. Especially when I'm stuck in the apartment.

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