rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The first of what will probably be several all-indoor (except for the back yard) days is over, and I have survived. It is actually cooling off a bit faster tonight than it did last night, and I've been able to open the windows and turn on the fan. The apartment might get somewhere close to comfortable before dawn. Tomorrow should be slightly worse than today, then there will be little change for a few days, but I'll be closer to the breaking point with each passing day.

The most exciting thing that happened today was watering the plant in the back yard. There are very few of them, so it doesn't take very long, but I do enjoy listening to the water splashing for a little while. Right now I'm going to make some whipped cream for strawberry shortcake (or strawberry angel food cake, more accurately) which is one of the distractions I'm using during the heat wave. A few luxuries can make enduring the doldrum of confinement and the misery of heat easier. At least I hope they can.

Thank goodness I can afford to air condition this small space. 78 degrees is so much easier to put up with than 100+.

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