rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Consumer News

The shopping trip went well, and I'm now stocked up on a number of items that will last for quite some time, so the seventy bucks I spent today doesn't seem extravagant. Well, a bit of it was extravagant, but an extravagant bargain, as I got a couple of luxury items at considerably less than half their regular price. They will serve as a reward for having endured the recent appalling weather, and be a help in enduring the appalling weather still to come.

Tonight will be the last reasonably cool night for quite a while, so I'm letting as much of the fresh air in through the windows as I can get. Tomorrow's temperature is expected to get up to 96, and on Thursday we will start getting those triple-digit highs again. Still, I hope to get out tomorrow evening to check the Goodwill store's book selection again, and then pick up a couple of things at Trader Joe's. After that I might get trapped here for several days.

These nights I'm feeling very out of touch with the sky. I totally forgot about the Perseid meteor shower earlier this month, though this year it coincided with a nearly full moon so I wouldn't have been able to see much even had I still been up on the ridge. I do remember seeing the full (or nearly full or just past full) moon rising a few nights ago when I went out to check the mailbox after one of those days I didn't go out because of the heat. I was a very bright orange, and looked at first looked like it was sitting right on the roof of the house across the street. It was a bit startling to see it, as I notice it (or even think about it) so seldom anymore.

There are still dishes to be done tonight. Everything seems to take longer these days, and so everything happens later. Maybe things will speed up when the weather gets cool again, If it ever does.

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