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There were no interesting new books a the Goodwill store this evening, but I did find one at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree's book selection is quite odd, consisting as it does entirely of remaindered titles, most of them being by writers I've never heard of. But once in a while they have something that looks interesting. Today I found a memoir by Alan Lightman, who has written a few articles published in magazines I read regularly. He has also written six novels and a few books on science, having a degree in theoretical physics. I haven't read any of his books, though.

The thing about the book I bought today that caught my attention is that it is centered around the career of M. A. Lightman, who was the author's grandfather, and whose name I immediately recognized from research I've done for the web site Cinema Treasures. The elder Lightman was a theater owner, running a good-sized chain of movie houses in and around Memphis and later expanding throughout the south as the Malco circuit. I've seen his name dozens of times in the theater industry trade journals I use for research, and have written about several of his theaters. This book is unlikely to be of much interest to most people (thus its appearance on the remainder rack at Dollar Tree,) but given my long-time interest in old movie theaters I'm really looking forward to reading it.

It looks very much like I'll be getting a ride to Safeway tomorrow, which is just in time, that being the last day of this week's sale. I'll be able to stock up on several things I'm going to be needing soon. Since the imminent heat wave is likely to keep me sequestered for several days, it's a good thing I'll be able to make this trip now. If I do make it. Plans do do sometimes fall through. If that happens I'm going to have to be going out to the nearby stores during the heat to pickup essential items, though all I could get for some of them would be poor substitutes.

It's supposed to be tolerably cool tonight, though this apartment has a hard time letting enough cool air in to make it as comfortable as I'd like. The windows just aren't big enough, and the insulation in the flat roof takes a long time to give up the heat that has accumulated from days on end of relentless sunlight, so it radiates that heat down into the apartment almost as fast as it radiates it up into the outdoor air. I actually had the same problem with the house in Paradise, so I guess I'm no worse off in that respect.

Crickets chirping now, but I can hardly hear them indoors with the fan on. I'm going to go out and listen for a while before I do some reading, and hopefully get to sleep before three o'clock. I managed to get up about one o'clock this afternoon, after sleeping about ten hours. I think I'm caught up on sleep after the few terrible nights (and days) I had during the last very hot spell. Maybe the next very hot spell won't be quite as bad. The latest forecast has only five days of triple-digit highs instead of the seven it had last night. We might get lucky and lose a couple more. I certainly hope so.

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