rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I've totally lost track of time again. That's not surprising considering how badly I slept last (meaning Thursday) night, and that I didn't wake up until after two o'clock this (Friday) afternoon. It's a good thing I had no plans to go shopping or to the bank on the bus, since I have to be out of here by 2:10 for that to work. The slightly less but still horrendously hot day would have prohibited any such venture in any case, but I still feel like crap when my sleep schedule goes so utterly haywire.

Right now I'm microwaving a belated dinner. After that I'll probably read some more, and see if I can get to sleep at a more reasonable hour, meaning before dawn. It's supposed to get down to 69 tonight, but then get up to 97 tomorrow, so its not looking good for going out even late in the evening. But then tomorrow (Saturday) night it's supposed to drop down to 61, and Sunday is to be a mere 89. A respite! Sadly, it starts getting bad again after that. I'm so ready for this summer to be over.

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